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Empire State Capital Volkssporters

Schenectady, New York

27th Year-Round Event

10/5km Volkswalk

AVA Event  109161 #18/250

Jan 2 - Dec 31, 2018

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"The Stockade" "Nott Memorial Union College"

Welcome To Schenectady, New York
This event is sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) a member of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV).
Participants are eligible for credit toward IVV Achievement Awards.

Start Point:
Apostrophe Cafe at Proctors, (Located in Robb Alley near the Box Office.)
432 State St.
Schenectady, NY
(518) 881- 4515 

The Cafe is open M-S: 9AM-5PM and on Sundays:  9AM-2PM.
Please ask for the walkbox, which will be located behind the counter.
Course Description:
The trail is rated 1A  and follows streets and sidewalks of Schenectady, through the historic Stockade Section - Founded by the Dutch from Albany in 1660, for many years the settlement was surrounded by a wooden stockade, making it the only walled city in the Mohawk Valley. After the French destroyed it in 1690, Schenectady was enlarged and stockaded again. The stockade is long gone, but this old section of the city is still called the Stockade area.(dates back to 1690), Union College and the GE Plot.  - suitable for wheelchairs and baby strollers. Some assistance may be required.

 (Cities in Song)Schenectady -  by Yarn (listen here)
law At the junction of Front, Green and North Ferry Streets, is the Indian monument which marks the northeastern extremity and blockhouse of Queen's Fort that was built by 1705, after the massacre. The statue was placed at that site in 1887 and became known as "Lawrence the Indian." Lawrence was named after the Christian Mohawk who was a great friend to the early settlers and the most persistent of the trackers of the retreating French and Indians after the 1690 raid.
art This nine-foot, bronze statue of President Chester A. Arthur, Union Class of 1848, dates to the 1880s. Arthur, the twenty-first president of the United States, is one of Union's most renowned alumni.
stg St. George's Church property on Ferry St. includes part of the site for the Queen's Fort. The church was used for barracks during the Revolutionary War. It is also said that the Presbyterians contributed to the building of St. George's with the understanding that they could use the church, but they must enter by the side door. The Episcopalians got to use the front door. There is also a graveyard behind the church.

Directions:(click here for driving directions from your location)

  Proctors, 432 State Street, Schenectady, NY 12305

From East, South or West
Take the NYS Thruway to Exit 25. From the exit take I-890 to Exit 5 (Broadway). From East turn right at the foot of ramp, left if West onto Broadway.
Take Broadway to the second traffic light. Turn left for a pay parking lot; turn right onto S. Clinton St. for 2 more pay parking lots. For  garage parking,
 turn left at third light (Hamilton Street) and follow signs.
From North to South
Take Northway (I-87) South to Exit 6. Take Route 7 west into Schenectady to I-890 West.  Follow I-890 to Exit 5 (Broadway).
Turn right off ramp onto Broadway to the third traffic light.  Turn left into the Garage for  parking. The Garage is adjacent to Proctors.
 Enter the Proctors Arcade under the marquee next to New York State Lottery building.




Award:   The "B" Award is the burgundy city bar for Schenectady to attach to the header (club emblem) purchased separately ($4.00 for the Header) There are also "B" Awards available from previous events.

Registration: Fees are: $4.00 for "B" Award & IVV Credit; $3.00 for IVV credit, and $2.00 for non-IVV credit walkers.

Refreshments & Restrooms: Water and restroom facilities are available at the start/finish (off the lobby to the left of ticket counter)  and along the route.
Refreshments may also be purchased from local businesses along the route. Walkers are encouraged to carry water during warm weather.

Smoking is prohibited in public buildings and Parks by New York State law. Please observe this ruling.

Acknowledgements: ESCV would like to thank the staff of the Apostrophe Cafe at Proctors at the  for the use of their facilities and their help. Without them, this event would not be possible.

For Additional Walk Information, please  write or Call:

Teresa Kennedy (518) 370-0585

Groups of six or more please contact one of the above.

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